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 Full R.O.E

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PostSubject: Full R.O.E   Full R.O.E Clock-11Tue May 24, 2011 10:01 am

Mage to Mage: 1/24
Mage to Mage: 2/72
Guild to Mage: 3/24
Mage to Guild: 3/24

-1 s/p/r in 24hrs = 1 counter
-2 s/p/r in 24hrs = 4 shared counters with confuse and counters can be shared between the members of the guild.
-4 or more s/r/p in 24hrs from one mage = automatic hit list or the possibility of getting a one way nap between the offender and the guild. Your punishment will all depend on how well you explain yourself and your actions.

-Hallucination = part of the game and "x" amount of attempts are not respected as a siege
-Devil = part of the game so it is respected.
-Online attacks = WE attack regardless if your online or not. THIS IS AN ONLINE GAME.
-Rebounds = they will be seen as 2/24 and the same actions are taken (4 shared countered between members of the guild or hit 72hr hit list)
-Over Targeting and Stalking = Is a direct violation of the 2/24hr policy. Keeping any mage of KOD in your daily run will result in the offender being hit listed
- Non-Guilded = Respected.
-Spell/Items = Automatic Death listing

**Anything outside that is DEATH or HIT LIST depending on your attitude

**Being hit listed you are open to hits from any member of the guild, will not usually involve spells and items but most likely you will be losing a lot of land. Duration lasts case by case. Retaliation is an automatic death listing.

**Please NO arch mailing on ROE issues it would be better Instead to VISIT and POST your issues at the Trial Court this way we have a record of the incident in case a problem occurs in the future.


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Full R.O.E

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