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 Warning System

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Warning System Empty
PostSubject: Warning System   Warning System Clock-11Tue May 10, 2011 4:20 am

Warning System

As you go to your profile and posts you can see this bar
Warning System 100

that is the default, and that means you are safe, from what?
safe from BEING BOOTED

so let me explain first where you could get warnings.

1. RoE violation of other mages
-if you were reported by a mage in the Trial Court you get instant warning
-if not reported, but seen by our moderators or leaders

2. Inactivity
-7 days of absence in the forums
-below 10 posts(on the current set, receive a warning on quarter of the set)
-no one sees you on IRC or chatbox

3. Spamming
-annoying spams on archmails and forum(many aspects will be considered)

4. Forum Rule Breaches
-multiple times

here is the image list of warning bars

Warning System 100
Default - You are Safe
Warning System 90

Warning System 80

Warning System 75

Warning System 50

Warning System 25

Warning System 10

Warning System Sorry

total of 7 warnings before being booted...

well good luck!

Mage: phantasm hailstorm (#84)
Warning System Coder
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Warning System

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