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 Bye Fallen...

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Head Admin

Bye Fallen... Empty
PostSubject: Bye Fallen...   Bye Fallen... Clock-11Sat May 07, 2011 12:05 am

Hi Fallen,

uhhh, damn, at the end i did not made you to stay with us, even i'm trying really hard to keep our brothers be with us..i must have lack of capabilities, sorry for that man, i really appreciate the times you are here...though we have some troubles, i never thought this will result for your leave...
sorry if the leadership do not meet your satisfaction,sorry about the stress the guild have brought to you..

uhm, i don't know if you ever liked me as one of the leaders today, i think we've lost one member because i lack something that i never felt, since the forum is down, i guess i will accept this as your official leave message..and im gonna post it on the forums,

Hmm, im really unhappy with the things going on, plus you, leaving..damn...sorry....

i hope you have fun even a little staying with us...sorry for some dissatisfaction we brought to you..

i hope you'll have a good time with CMS...

just contact me next set, and i'll give you a nap...okay??


-kurorolucifer leader of ryodan...-
-spixy forum administrator-

FallenAngel (#253) at 2011-05-07 07:37:26 wrote:

Subject: leaving

To all Knights Of Dystruction members:

to kuroro and dupaks..and others who
helped me, i will not be joining kod
next set...

i want to thank you for inviting me ,

and dupaks and dex for helping me alot
during the war to save my ass..

there are certain things i not too
satisfy about this guild...but i did
stay till the end..

i maybe not even be playing next set,
sudden things pop up, but if i do, i
won't be with u guys anymore..

Glad to be with u all.

Mage: phantasm hailstorm (#84)
Bye Fallen... Coder
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Bye Fallen...

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